The time I stole a pig during a terrorist attack

Last november I was supposed to have a guys weekend with two old college friends (lets call them George and Heinz) in Manchester. I arrived around 8 on the Friday night. Heinz was victim of a German airport strike and didn’t make it. Seeing as it was only two of us now, we decided to meet up with some guys that George sort of knew. They made it to the agreed place (which was a weird pub/club hybrid) past midnight, completely wasted.

They had stolen a wooden pig at the Christmas market that had just opened. For reasons unknown, drunk me felt like double stealing the pig would be hilarious. Seeing as they were stupendously drunk I managed to slip the pig in my coat unseen. I kept it hidden for four hours all through the night (where we eventually ended up drinking expensive Japanese whisky at their place).

The next morning I read the news about the Paris terror attacks with a slight hangover and a cheeky wooden pig staring at me.

How does this have anything to do with with this paintng you might ask? Well during an inspirational dryspell I decided to go paint the wooden pig (that is now proudly and prominently placed on my desk). After finishing the turquooise background I realized this was boring. So I painted saint Lana of Rey instead.

16 Lana (1 of 1).jpg

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