City of the Future

A while ago I took a week off from work to take a course on city scape painting. The theme was “the city of the future”.

This 100×70 piece was my end result. It is the best way of establishing world peace (I prefer to keep things small and humble). War starts when people that hate each other live too close together. In my future, people will be able to start their own city states. Floating city states that is. Just get between a hundred thousand and a million like minded people together and buy your own country in the sky! Get your own government in whatever form you want. You decide who lives there with you. The city can dock anywhere in the world. Weather too hot or cold? Go somewhere else! Annoying neighbouring country? Just move somewhere else! No reason  to start wars ever again.

The options are limitless. You can solve pretty much all social problems with this. Are you a hippy that dreams of having a multicultural anti-capitalist open borders nation ? Start your own paradise! Are you a massive racist that hates hippies? Start your own authoritarian mono coloured utopia! Everybody gets what they want as long as there are at least a hundred thousand like minded people on this planet. There’s no reason to hate people you’ll never have to deal with anyways! Who cares there are people with different opinions? You’ll never have to see or hear them!

Personally I think all people that hate 80’s glamrock should have their passports revoked. Now I can start saving up to make that dream come true!


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