Graphic Design Is The Most Fun a Man Can Have With His Clothes On

Yesterday I decided to try something new. I joined a graphic design competition for a movie poster. Let me start out with the fact that my graphic art experience consists out of buying a drawing tablet two weeks ago and using it to screw around a bit. Yet beginners’ optimism got the best of me so I set out to work with software I barely knew in order to join a competition that already had 40 entrants by the time I started.

The competition was for a documentary about free speech and promised 290$ for the winning design. The description said that the premise of the film was that we ourselves are shutting down free speech with our behaviour. My idea was of a person hushing someone else. Only the someone else is his reflection in the mirror that therefore also automatically hushes him. Seeing as I have a full time job and there was a tight deadline, I had to cut some corners in order to complete this amazingly brilliant unique idea. I took a picture of myself and used that as the basis on which I drew my poster. After about five hours of designing, wanting to throw my computer out of the window because it crashed; wanting to throw my computer out of the window because of registering issues with the website; wanting to throw my computer out of the window due to problems saving, formatting and submitting the file (there were more reasons why I wanted to throw my computer out of the window but I’ll stop here) I was finally done.

About an hour later I checked the website just to be sure it had uploaded correctly. The director had already given my work a rating: one star. Guess my face just isn’t good enough for Hollywood….

Since I stand behind my work and don’t want to give up on my dreams off one day starring opposite of Angelina Jolie, I uploaded the idea here. I removed the title of the documentary because it looks better this way (but really because I’m still but hurt over my one star rating 😥 ).

Enjoy! And in case you’re a smartass thinking about giving this post a one star rating, you can’t. I checked.

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