Giving up everything for love

Today, exactly one year ago I did something incredibly stupid. Something everybody bar the fiercest romantics would advise against. I gave up everything for love. I quit my job, terminated my lease, said goodbye to friends and moved to another city. All out of love. I had to live in a cellar for over nine months with barely enough space for a bed. I had to start all over again in a city where I hardly knew anyone at a new job in a new field of work. Everything was totally new and terrifying, yet I did it. All in the name of love.

Now one year later I know it was the right decision. I’m more in love than ever. Head over heels you might say. Today, exactly one year after moving, seems like the right time to make my love public to the world. Amsterdam I love you. I love your ten trillion zero IQ tourists who’s only goal in life is to make mine more difficult. I love your crazy traffic that almost gets me killed every day. I even love your crazy house prices and rents that forced me to live in a cellar for almost a year. Amsterdam je t’aime, and now the entire world knows.

I celebrated my one year anniversary with a good friend and a cigar on a park bench in Utrecht. Does that count as cheating?

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