Back to Your Roots

Starting something new always leads to the inevitable beginners period where you’re spending a lot of time in order to get mediocre results. For me (and probably for you as well), looking back on the beginning period of learning a new skill has often been a somewhat embarrassing and confronting thing. Paradoxically it simultaniously also gives a good feeling as you can see how much you have improved since.

Yesterday I went through the stack containing my fist five paintings. Apart from number two and three (which were mediocre) I was actually pleasantly surprised. I hadn’t seen them in months so my memory of their quality had become a bit blurry. Number 4 and 5 (they don’t really have names) were two parts of an Easter themed tryptic that remains two-thirds completed (a diptic?). Number 4 (Jesus) took especially long to finish as I painted most of it with a severe weeklong flu that was kind enough to grant me the energy to paint for one hour per twenty-three I spent in bed. It combines the crucifiction with some serious feverish imagination. Enjoy!


I’ll post nr 5 tomorrow so stay tuned! 😉

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