Violent Theories

Once in a while you have a funny or interesting conversation that you forget about, until it somehow manages to pop up back into your head.

I had one of those a while ago with a friend. The topic was painting (what else). More specifically a theory of mine about painting. I had said, somewhat in gest, that pretty much any painting ever made would be improved by adding in (more) guns.

For some reason my “gun painting” theory made its way back into my conscious mind last week and I decided to act upon it. The result is “Kees van Dongen – Corn Poppin”. I consider it a solid piece of evidence that my theory s correct.

What if we start applying this to all classics? Imagine all the possibilities! “Da Vinci’s Mona Schiesa”, “Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Revolver”, “Munch’s Screaming Machinegun”, “Klimt’s Adele Glock-Bauer”. So much opportunity to make art even better! Which paintings would you like to se redone?

website-v-2-of-3Corn Poppin


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