Is there anything more fascinating than how far men are willing to go to get women? This weekend I saw two fat balding men in a Ferrari driving past women as slowly as possible. Just imagine working overtime and weekends for 25 years just so you can get rejected in a Ferrari. Remember kids, hard work doesn’t pay off!

Human men (humen?) haven’t even drawn the shortest straw. I passed the Ferrari Casanovas when I was on my way to a beautiful national park that’s overcrowded with deer.

Stags have antlers that can weigh up to 10 kilograms. Their sole purpose being to impress women. It’s mating season right now. The one month where this 10 kilogram helmet that is permanently attached to your head has any use. So, what masterful tactics do stags use when they have such beautiful antlers on the top of their heads?

Shouting, bragging and fighting (sounds familiar?). The best part is where defeated stags make loud bragging noises during their hasty retreats.

After a day of careful observing I can safely conclude wearing a heavy helmet all year works about as well as buying a Ferrari. During the entire day I saw only one victorious stag actually trying to claim his prize. She was having none of it.

stag S (1 of 1).jpg

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