About the Project and Myself

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Niels Kok


Niels Kok


I am a painter that works with oil paint to create paintings with an introverted and intimate mood. Currently working on a new series of portraits. My style is classic with a hint of surrealism.

  • Modeling experience isn’t necessary. The goal is to capture you as you are, not you as a professional model doing studied poses
  •  Shoots are at my atelier 3 minutes away from the Hofvijver in the centre of Rotterdam
  • It is an artistic collaboration, so I do not charge and I’ll freely share the images of the resulting paintings via dropbox
  • Feel free to bring someone to accompany you to the beginning of sessions, and to pick you up when we finish



Let me know if you are interested in participating in my project. If you have any further questions, also feel free to ask

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